Source code for pyticketswitch.address

from pyticketswitch.mixins import JSONMixin

[docs]class Address(JSONMixin, object): """A postal address. TODO: this is very similar the Customer object. consider combining them, or subclassing one from the other, or a base class of some sort. Attributes: lines (list): list of address lines. town (str): town for the address. county (str): the county or region of the address. country_code (str): ISO 3166-1 country code. post_code (str): post or ZIP code for the address. email (str): a contact email address. home_phone (str): a contact home phone number. work_phone (str): a contact work phone number. """ def __init__(self, lines=None, country_code=None, county=None, email=None, home_phone=None, post_code=None, town=None, work_phone=None): self.lines = lines = town self.county = county self.country_code = country_code self.post_code = post_code = email self.home_phone = home_phone self.work_phone = work_phone
[docs] @classmethod def from_api_data(cls, data): """Creates a new Address object from API data from ticketswitch. Args: data (dict): the part of the response from a ticketswitch API call that concerns an address. Returns: :class:`Address <pyticketswitch.address.Address>`: a new :class:`Address <pyticketswitch.address.Address>` object populated with the data from the api. """ kwargs = { 'country_code': data.get('country_code'), 'county': data.get('county'), 'email': data.get('email_address'), 'home_phone': data.get('home_phone'), 'post_code': data.get('postcode'), 'town': data.get('town'), 'work_phone': data.get('work_phone'), 'lines': [ data.get('address_line_one'), data.get('address_line_two'), ] } return cls(**kwargs)
def as_api_billing_address_parameters(self): params = { 'billing_country_code': self.country_code, 'billing_postcode': self.post_code, 'billing_town':, 'billing_county': self.county, } if self.lines and len(self.lines) == 1: params.update(billing_address_line_one=self.lines[0]) if self.lines and len(self.lines) > 1: params.update( billing_address_line_one=self.lines[0], billing_address_line_two=self.lines[1], ) return params