Source code for pyticketswitch.event

from pyticketswitch.exceptions import IntegrityError
from pyticketswitch.cost_range import CostRange
from pyticketswitch.ticket_type import TicketType
from pyticketswitch.content import Content
from import Media
from import Review
from pyticketswitch.availability import AvailabilityDetails
from pyticketswitch.field import Field
from pyticketswitch.mixins import JSONMixin, PaginationMixin
from pyticketswitch.currency import CurrencyMeta

[docs]class Event(JSONMixin, object): """Describes a product in the ticketswitch system. Attributes: id (str): the identifier for the event. status (str): status of the event. description (str): human readable name for the event. source (str): the backend system from wich the event originates. source_code (str): the internal code for the backend system. event_type (str): the type of the event. venue (str): a human readable description of the venue. classes (dict): a dictionary of class descriptions that the event belongs to keyed on class identifier. filters (list): a list of filters that the event belongs to. postcode (str): venue post code. city (str): human readable venue city. city_code (str): venue city code country (str): human readable country name. country_code (str): ISO 3166-1 country code. latitude (float): latitude of the venue. longitude (float): longitude of the venue. max_running_time (int): maximum running time of a performance in minutes. min_running_time (int): minimum running time of a performance in minutes. show_performance_time (bool): indicates that the performance time for this event is relevant and should be shown. has_performances (bool): indicates that the event has performances. is_seated (bool): indicates the event is seated. needs_departure_date (bool): indicates that ticket purchases for this event will require a departure date. needs_duration (bool): indicates that ticket purchases for this event will require a duration. needs_performance (bool): indicates that you should ask your customer what date/time they want to attend this event on. See :ref:`Events that don't need performance selection <events_that_dont_need_performance_selection>` for more information. upsell_list (list): list of event id's. cost_range (:class:`CostRange <pyticketswitch.cost_range.CostRange>`): pricing summary from cached availability. Only present when requested. no_singles_cost_range (:class:`CostRange <pyticketswitch.cost_range.CostRange>`): pricining summary from cached availability. Only present when requested. cost_range_details (:class:`CostRangeDetails <pyticketswitch.cost_range.CostRangeDetails>`): summary pricing information broken down by availability. This is cached data. Only present when requested. content (dict): dictionary of :class:`Content <pyticketswitch.content.Content>` objects indexed on content name. Only present when requested. fields (dict): dictionary of :class:`Field <pyticketswitch.content.Content>` objects indexed on field name. Only present when requested. event_info (str): event info in plain text. Only present when requested. event_info_html (str): event info as HTML. Only present when requested. venue_addr (str): venue address in plain text. Only present when requested. venue_addr_html (str): venue address as HTML. Only present when requested. venue_info (str): venue info in plain text. Only present when requested. venue_info_html (str): venue info as HTML. Only present when requested. media (dict): dictionary of :class:`Media <>` objects indexed on media name. Only present when requested. reviews (list): list of :class:`Reviews <>` objects. Only present when requested. critic_review_percent (float): summary of critic review star rating. rated from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). availability_details (:class:`AvailabilityDetails <pyticketswitch.availability.AvailabilityDetails>`): summary of availability details from cached data. Only present when requested. component_events (list): list of :class:`Events <pyticketswitch.event.Event>` objects that comprise a meta event. valid_quantities (list): list of valid quanities available for purchase. from cached data, only available when requested by **get_events** or **get_event**. raw (dict): the raw data used to generate the object. is_addon (bool): indicates that the event is an addon. is_auto_quantity_add_on (bool): Indicates whether add on quantity will be modified based on the number of ticket orders, if true number of add ons will be equal to total number of tickets for all parent events in the trolley. is_date_matched_add_on (bool): indicates whether an addon should match it's parent event's date is_time_matched_add_on (bool): indicates whether an addon should match it's parent event's time area_code (str): the internal code for the area. This is for internal use only. venue_code (str): the internal code for the venue. This is for internal use only. venue_is_enforced (bool): indicates if the venue is enforced. This is for internal use only. lingo_code (str): a code for the type of event, e.g. theatre or attraction. This is for internal use only. """ def __init__(self, id_, status=None, event_type=None, source=None, source_code=None, venue=None, description=None, postcode=None, classes=None, filters=None, upsell_list=None, city=None, city_code=None, country=None, country_code=None, latitude=None, longitude=None, needs_departure_date=False, needs_duration=False, addon_events=None, upsell_events=None, needs_performance=False, has_performances=False, is_seated=False, show_performance_time=False, min_running_time=None, max_running_time=None, cost_range=None, no_singles_cost_range=None, cost_range_details=None, content=None, event_info_html=None, event_info=None, venue_addr_html=None, venue_addr=None, venue_info=None, venue_info_html=None, media=None, reviews=None, critic_review_percent=None, availability_details=None, component_events=None, valid_quantities=None, fields=None, raw=None, is_add_on=False, area_code=None, venue_code=None, venue_is_enforced=None, lingo_code=None, is_auto_quantity_add_on=False, is_date_matched_add_on=False, is_time_matched_add_on=False): = id_ self.status = status self.description = description self.source = source self.source_code = source_code self.event_type = event_type self.venue = venue self.classes = classes self.filters = filters self.postcode = postcode = city self.city_code = city_code = country self.country_code = country_code self.latitude = latitude self.longitude = longitude self.max_running_time = max_running_time self.min_running_time = min_running_time self.show_performance_time = show_performance_time self.has_performances = has_performances self.is_seated = is_seated self.needs_departure_date = needs_departure_date self.needs_duration = needs_duration self.needs_performance = needs_performance self.addon_events = addon_events self.upsell_events = upsell_events # TODO This will be removed from the API soon self.upsell_list = upsell_list self.cost_range = cost_range self.no_singles_cost_range = no_singles_cost_range self.cost_range_details = cost_range_details self.content = content self.fields = fields self.event_info = event_info self.event_info_html = event_info_html self.venue_addr = venue_addr self.venue_addr_html = venue_addr_html self.venue_info = venue_info self.venue_info_html = venue_info_html = media = reviews self.critic_review_percent = critic_review_percent self.availability_details = availability_details self.component_events = component_events self.valid_quantities = valid_quantities self.raw = raw self.is_add_on = is_add_on self.is_auto_quantity_add_on = is_auto_quantity_add_on self.is_date_matched_add_on = is_date_matched_add_on self.is_time_matched_add_on = is_time_matched_add_on self.venue_code = venue_code self.area_code = area_code self.venue_is_enforced = venue_is_enforced self.lingo_code = lingo_code
[docs] @classmethod def class_dict_from_api_data(cls, data): """Creates a dict of Event data from a raw ticketswitch API call Args: data (dict): the part of the response from a ticketswitch API call that concerns a event. Returns: dict: a new dict populated with the data from the api for creating an :class:`Event <pyticketswitch.event.Event>` object """ id_ = data.get('event_id') if not id_: raise IntegrityError("event_id not found in event data", data=data) geo_data = data.get('geo_data', {}) # the raw field 'has_no_perfs' is a negative flag, so I'm inverting it has_performances = not data.get('has_no_perfs', False) api_cost_range = data.get('cost_range', {}) api_no_singles_cost_range = api_cost_range.get('no_singles_cost_range', {}) cost_range = None no_singles_cost_range = None if api_cost_range: api_cost_range['singles'] = True cost_range = CostRange.from_api_data(api_cost_range) if api_no_singles_cost_range: api_no_singles_cost_range['singles'] = False no_singles_cost_range = CostRange.from_api_data( api_no_singles_cost_range) api_cost_range_details = data.get('cost_range_details', {}) ticket_type_list = api_cost_range_details.get('ticket_type', []) cost_range_details = [ TicketType.from_api_data(ticket_type) for ticket_type in ticket_type_list ] api_content = data.get('structured_info', {}) content = { key: Content.from_api_data(value) for key, value in api_content.items() } fields = { field.get('custom_field_name'): Field.from_api_data(field) for field in data.get('custom_fields', {}) } media = {} api_media = data.get('media', {}) for asset in api_media.get('media_asset', []): new_media = Media.from_api_data(asset) media[] = new_media api_video = data.get('video_iframe') if api_video: kwargs = { 'secure_complete_url': api_video.get('video_iframe_url_when_secure'), 'insecure_complete_url': api_video.get('video_iframe_url_when_insecure'), 'caption': api_video.get('video_iframe_caption'), 'caption_html': api_video.get('video_iframe_caption_html'), 'width': api_video.get('video_iframe_width'), 'height': api_video.get('video_iframe_height'), 'name': 'video', } new_video = Media.from_api_data(kwargs) media['video'] = new_video api_reviews = data.get('reviews', {}) reviews = [ Review.from_api_data(api_review) for api_review in api_reviews.get('review', []) ] availability_details = AvailabilityDetails.from_api_data( data.get('avail_details', {})) api_component_events = data.get('meta_event_component_events', {}) component_events = [ Event.from_api_data(meta_event) for meta_event in api_component_events.get('event', []) ] lingo_code = None raw_lingo_data = data.get('lingo_data') if raw_lingo_data: lingo_code = raw_lingo_data.get('lingo_code') kwargs = { 'id_': id_, 'description': data.get('event_desc', None), 'status': data.get('event_status'), 'event_type': data.get('event_type'), 'source_code': data.get('source_code'), 'source': data.get('source_desc'), 'venue': data.get('venue_desc'), 'classes': data.get('classes'), #TODO: don't actually know what filters look like yet... 'filters': data.get('custom_filter', []), 'fields': fields, 'postcode': data.get('postcode'), 'city': data.get('city_desc'), 'city_code': data.get('city_code'), 'country': data.get('country_desc'), 'country_code': data.get('country_code'), 'latitude': geo_data.get('latitude'), 'longitude': geo_data.get('longitude'), 'max_running_time': data.get('max_running_time'), 'min_running_time': data.get('min_running_time'), 'has_performances': has_performances, 'show_performance_time': data.get('show_perf_time', False), 'is_seated': data.get('is_seated', False), 'needs_departure_date': data.get('need_departure_date', False), 'needs_duration': data.get('need_duration', False), 'needs_performance': data.get('need_performance', False), 'upsell_list': data.get('event_upsell_list', {}).get('event_id', []), 'cost_range': cost_range, 'no_singles_cost_range': no_singles_cost_range, 'cost_range_details': cost_range_details, # extra info 'event_info_html': data.get('event_info_html'), 'event_info': data.get('event_info'), 'venue_addr_html': data.get('venue_addr_html'), 'venue_addr': data.get('venue_addr'), 'venue_info': data.get('venue_info'), 'venue_info_html': data.get('venue_info_html'), 'content': content, 'media': media, 'reviews': reviews, 'critic_review_percent': data.get('critic_review_percent'), 'availability_details': availability_details, 'component_events': component_events, 'valid_quantities': data.get('valid_quantities'), 'raw': data, 'is_add_on': data.get('is_add_on', False), 'is_auto_quantity_add_on': data.get('is_auto_quantity_add_on', False), 'is_date_matched_add_on': data.get('is_date_matched_add_on', False), 'is_time_matched_add_on': data.get('is_time_matched_add_on', False), 'venue_code': data.get('venue_code'), 'area_code': data.get('area_code'), 'lingo_code': lingo_code, } return kwargs
[docs] @classmethod def from_api_data(cls, data): """Creates a new Event object from API data from ticketswitch. Args: data (dict): the part of the response from a ticketswitch API call that concerns a event. Returns: :class:`Event <pyticketswitch.event.Event>`: a new :class:`Event <pyticketswitch.event.Event>` object populated with the data from the api. """ kwargs = cls.class_dict_from_api_data(data) return cls(**kwargs)
[docs] @classmethod def from_events_by_id_api_data(cls, data): """Creates a new Event object from API data from the events_by_id call. Args: data (dict): the part of the response from the ticketswitch `events_by_id` API call containing events and other data. Returns: :class:`Event <pyticketswitch.event.Event>`: a new :class:`Event <pyticketswitch.event.EVent>` object populated with the data from the API. """ kwargs = cls.class_dict_from_api_data(data.get('event')) if data.get('add_ons'): addons=[ Event.from_api_data(raw_addon) for raw_addon in data.get('add_ons') ] kwargs.update(addon_events=addons) if data.get('upsells'): upsells=[ Event.from_api_data(raw_upsell) for raw_upsell in data.get('upsells') ] kwargs.update(upsell_events=upsells) if data.get('venue_is_enforced') is not None: kwargs.update(venue_is_enforced=data.get('venue_is_enforced')) return cls(**kwargs)
def __repr__(self): return u'<Event {}:{}>'.format(, self.description.encode('ascii', 'ignore'))
[docs]class EventMeta(PaginationMixin, CurrencyMeta): """Meta information about a set of events Attributes: currencies (dict): dictionary of :class:`Currency <pytickectswitch.currency.Currency>`) objects indexed on currency code. default_currency_code (str): unless other wise specified all prices in the related response will be in this currency. desired_currency_code (str): the currency that the user account is expecting. Useful for conversions. page_length (int): the number of items per page. page_number (int): the current page. pages_remaining (int): the number of pages remaining. results_remaining (int): the total number of remaining results after the current page. total_results (int): the total number of results. """ pass