Source code for pyticketswitch.price_band

from pyticketswitch.cost_range import CostRange
from import Discount
from import Seat, SeatBlock
from pyticketswitch.commission import Commission
from pyticketswitch.mixins import JSONMixin, SeatPricingMixin

[docs]class PriceBand(SeatPricingMixin, JSONMixin, object): """Describes a set of tickets with the same ticket type and price. Attributes: code (str): the price band identifier. default_discount (:class:`Discount <>`): this is the discount that will be assumed if no other discount is specified at reservation time. It holds the prices for the price band. allows_leaving_single_seats (str): indicates if this price band will allow customers to leave a single seat with no neighbours. Values are 'always', 'never', or 'if_necessary'. description (str): human readable description of the price band if available. cost_range (:class:`CostRange <pyticketswitch.cost_range.CostRange>`): summary data for the price band including offers. no_singles_cost_range (:class:`CostRange <pyticketswitch.cost_range.CostRange>`): summary data for the price band including offers. example_seats (list): list of :class:`Seats <>` that can be used as examples of what the user might get when they reserved tickets in this price band. example_seats_are_real (bool): when :obj:`True` this field indicates that the example seats are in fact real seats and will be the ones we attempt to reserve at the reservation stage. When :obj:`False` these seats merely examples retrieved from cached data, and have likely already been purchased. seat_blocks (list): list of :class:`SeatBlocks <>`. When available this are the contiguous seats that are available for purchase. :class:`SeatBlocks <>` contain :class:`Seats <>`. user_commission (:class:`Commission <pyticketswitch.commission.Commission>`): the commission payable to the user on the sale of tickets in this price band. Only available when requested. gross_commission (:class:`Commission <pyticketswitch.commission.Commission>`): the gross commission payable. This is not generally available. availability (int): the number of tickets/seats available in this price band. percentage_saving (int): the total percentage saving of the combined seatprice and surcharge is_offer (bool): whether or not the priceband has an offer """ def __init__(self, code, default_discount, description=None, cost_range=None, no_singles_cost_range=None, example_seats=None, example_seats_are_real=True, seat_blocks=None, user_commission=None, discounts=None, allows_leaving_single_seats=None, availability=None, seatprice=None, surcharge=None, non_offer_seatprice=None, non_offer_surcharge=None, percentage_saving=0, absolute_saving=0, is_offer=None): self.code = code self.description = description self.cost_range = cost_range self.allows_leaving_single_seats = allows_leaving_single_seats self.no_singles_cost_range = no_singles_cost_range self.default_discount = default_discount self.example_seats = example_seats self.example_seats_are_real = example_seats_are_real self.seat_blocks = seat_blocks self.user_commission = user_commission self.discounts = discounts self.availability = availability self.seatprice = seatprice self.surcharge = surcharge self.non_offer_seatprice = non_offer_seatprice self.non_offer_surcharge = non_offer_surcharge self.percentage_saving = percentage_saving self.absolute_saving = absolute_saving self.is_offer = is_offer
[docs] @classmethod def from_api_data(cls, data): """Creates a new **PriceBand** object from API data from ticketswitch. Args: data (dict): the part of the response from a ticketswitch API call that concerns a price band. Returns: :class:`PriceBand <pyticketswitch.order.PriceBand>`: a new :class:`PriceBand <pyticketswitch.order.PriceBand>` object populated with the data from the api. """ api_cost_range = data.get('cost_range', {}) api_no_singles_cost_range = api_cost_range.get('no_singles_cost_range', {}) cost_range = None no_singles_cost_range = None if api_cost_range: api_cost_range['singles'] = True cost_range = CostRange.from_api_data(api_cost_range) if api_no_singles_cost_range: api_no_singles_cost_range['singles'] = False no_singles_cost_range = CostRange.from_api_data( api_no_singles_cost_range) discount = Discount.from_api_data(data) kwargs = { 'code': data.get('price_band_code'), 'description': data.get('price_band_desc'), 'availability': data.get('number_available'), 'cost_range': cost_range, 'no_singles_cost_range': no_singles_cost_range, 'default_discount': discount, 'example_seats_are_real': data.get('example_seats_are_real', True), 'allows_leaving_single_seats': data.get('allows_leaving_single_seats'), 'percentage_saving': data.get('percentage_saving'), 'is_offer': data.get('is_offer'), } example_seats_data = data.get('example_seats') if example_seats_data: example_seats = [ Seat.from_api_data(seat) for seat in example_seats_data ] kwargs.update(example_seats=example_seats) seat_block_data = data.get('free_seat_blocks') if seat_block_data: separators_by_row = seat_block_data.get('separators_by_row') restricted_view_seats = seat_block_data.get('restricted_view_seats') seats_by_text_message = seat_block_data.get('seats_by_text_message') blocks_by_row = seat_block_data.get('blocks_by_row') seat_blocks = [] if blocks_by_row: for row_id, row in blocks_by_row.items(): for block in row: separator = separators_by_row.get(row_id) seat_block = SeatBlock.from_api_data( block=block, row_id=row_id, separator=separator, restricted_view_seats=restricted_view_seats, seats_by_text_message=seats_by_text_message, ) seat_blocks.append(seat_block) kwargs.update(seat_blocks=seat_blocks) user_commission_data = data.get('predicted_user_commission') if user_commission_data: user_commission = Commission.from_api_data(user_commission_data) kwargs.update(user_commission=user_commission) discounts_data = data.get('possible_discounts', {}).get('discount') if discounts_data: discounts = [ Discount.from_api_data(discount_data) for discount_data in discounts_data ] kwargs.update(discounts=discounts) kwargs.update(SeatPricingMixin.kwargs_from_api_data(data)) return cls(**kwargs)
[docs] def get_seats(self): """Get all seats in child seat blocks Returns: list: list of :class:`Seats <>`. """ if not self.seat_blocks: return [] return [ seat for seat_block in self.seat_blocks for seat in seat_block.seats or [] ]
def __repr__(self): if self.description: return u'<PriceBand {}:{}>'.format( self.code, self.description.encode('ascii', 'ignore')) return u'<PriceBand {}>'.format(self.code)