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from pyticketswitch.mixins import JSONMixin
from pyticketswitch.utils import isostr_to_datetime

[docs]class Review(JSONMixin, object): """User or Critic evaluation of an event. Attributes: body (str): review test. date_time (datetime.datetime): date and time of the review. star_rating (int): rating on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest rating. language (str): the IETF language tag for the review. title (str): a review title if available. is_user (bool): the review was made by a user not a critic. author (str): the authors name. url (str): the original url. """ def __init__(self, body=None, date_time=None, star_rating=None, lang=None, title=None, is_user=False, author=None, url=None): self.body = body self.date_time = date_time self.star_rating = star_rating self.language = lang self.title = title self.is_user = is_user = author self.url = url
[docs] @classmethod def from_api_data(cls, data): """Creates a new **Review** object from ticketswitch API data. Args: data (dict): the part of the response from a ticketswitch API call that concerns a review. Returns: :class:`Review <pyticketswitch.order.Review>`: a new :class:`Review <pyticketswitch.order.Review>` object populated with the data from the api. """ review_date = isostr_to_datetime( data.get('review_iso8601_date_and_time') ) kwargs = { 'body': data.get('review_body', None), 'date_time': review_date, 'star_rating': data.get('star_rating', None), 'lang': data.get('review_lang', None), 'title': data.get('review_title', None), 'is_user': data.get('is_user_review', False), 'author': data.get('review_author', None), 'url': data.get('review_original_url', None), } return cls(**kwargs)