Source code for pyticketswitch.status

from pyticketswitch.trolley import Trolley
from pyticketswitch.user import User
from pyticketswitch.utils import isostr_to_datetime
from import Country
from pyticketswitch.customer import Customer
from pyticketswitch.mixins import JSONMixin
from pyticketswitch.address import Address
from pyticketswitch.card_type import CardType
from pyticketswitch.callout import Callout

[docs]class Status(JSONMixin, object): """Describes the current state of a transaction Attributes: status (str): the current status of the transaction. reserved_at (datetime.datetime): the date and time when the transaction was reserved. purchased_at (datetime.datetime): the date and time when the transaction was purchased. trolley (:class:`Trolley <pyticketswitch.trolley.Trolley>`): the contents of the transactions trolley. external_sale_page (str): the page that was rendered to the customer after the transaction was completed. This is only available if it was passed into the API at purchase time. languages (list): list of IETF language tags relevant to the transaction. remote_site (str): the remote site the transaction was reserved and purchased under. unreserved_orders (list): list of :class:`Orders <pyticketswitch.order.Order`>` that failed to reserve. prefilled_address (:class:`Address <pyticketswitch.address.Address>`): some address information that should be used to prefill any customer address fields. This is primarily used on B2B accounts. needs_payment_card (bool): When :obj:`True` indicates that this reservation will require :class:`CardDetails <pyticketswitch.payment_methods.CardDetails>` as the payment method at purchase time. needs_email_address (bool): When :obj:`True` indicates that the customer needs to provide a valid email address at purchase time. needs_agent_reference (bool): When :obj:`True` indicates that an agent reference should be provided at purchase time. can_edit_address (bool): When :obj:`False` indicates that the prefilled customer address provided by **prefilled_address** should not be edited. allowed_countries (list): list of :class:`Countries <>` that are acceptable for the customers postal address to be from. minutes_left (float): the number of minutes left before a reservation expires. supports_billing_address (bool): this transaction will support supplying a secondary billing address that is differnet to the customer address. accepted_cards (list): acceptable debit/credit card types when API takes card details from the customer. pending_callout (:class:`Callout <pyticketswitch.callout.Callout>`): if the transaction is mid purchase then this will hold information about how to reenter the purchase process. """ def __init__(self, status=None, reserved_at=None, trolley=None, purchased_at=None, external_sale_page=None, languages=None, remote_site=None, reserve_user=None, prefilled_address=None, needs_payment_card=False, needs_email_address=False, needs_agent_reference=False, can_edit_address=False, allowed_countries=None, minutes_left=None, supports_billing_address=False, accepted_cards=None, pending_callout=None, customer=None, purchase_result=None): self.status = status self.reserved_at = reserved_at self.purchased_at = purchased_at self.trolley = trolley self.external_sale_page = external_sale_page self.languages = languages self.remote_site = remote_site self.reserve_user = reserve_user self.prefilled_address = prefilled_address self.needs_payment_card = needs_payment_card self.needs_email_address = needs_email_address self.needs_agent_reference = needs_agent_reference self.can_edit_address = can_edit_address self.allowed_countries = allowed_countries self.minutes_left = minutes_left self.supports_billing_address = supports_billing_address self.accepted_cards = accepted_cards self.pending_callout = pending_callout self.customer = customer self.purchase_result = purchase_result
[docs] @classmethod def from_api_data(cls, data): """Creates a new Status object from API data from ticketswitch. Args: data (dict): the part of the response from a ticketswitch API call that concerns a transactions state. Returns: :class:`Status <pyticketswitch.status.Status>`: a new :class:`Status <pyticketswitch.status.Status>` object populated with the data from the api. """ accepted_cards = [ CardType(code=key, description=value) for key, value in data.get('accepted_payment_cards', {}).items() ] customer = None customer_api_data = data.get('customer') if customer_api_data: customer = Customer.from_api_data(customer_api_data) kwargs = { 'status': data.get('transaction_status'), 'trolley': Trolley.from_api_data(data), 'remote_site': data.get('remote_site'), 'can_edit_address': data.get('can_edit_address'), 'needs_agent_reference': data.get('needs_agent_reference'), 'needs_email_address': data.get('needs_email_address'), 'needs_payment_card': data.get('needs_payment_card'), 'minutes_left': data.get('minutes_left_on_reserve'), 'supports_billing_address': data.get('supports_billing_address'), 'accepted_cards': accepted_cards, 'customer': customer, } reserved_raw = data.get('reserve_iso8601_date_and_time') if reserved_raw: kwargs.update(reserved_at=isostr_to_datetime(reserved_raw)) purchased_raw = data.get('purchase_iso8601_date_and_time') if purchased_raw: kwargs.update(purchased_at=isostr_to_datetime(purchased_raw)) external_sale_page_raw = data.get('external_sale_page_raw') if external_sale_page_raw: raise NotImplementedError("don't know what this looks like yet") reserve_user_data = data.get('reserve_user') if reserve_user_data: reserve_user = User.from_api_data(reserve_user_data) kwargs.update(reserve_user=reserve_user) languages_raw = data.get('language_list') if languages_raw: kwargs.update(languages=languages_raw) allowed_countries = data.get('allowed_countries') if allowed_countries is not None: countries = [ Country(key, description=description) for key, description in allowed_countries.items() ] countries.sort(key=lambda x: x.code) kwargs.update(allowed_countries=countries) address = data.get('prefilled_address') if address: kwargs.update(prefilled_address=Address.from_api_data(address)) pending_callout = data.get('pending_callout') if pending_callout: kwargs.update(pending_callout=Callout.from_api_data(pending_callout)) return cls(**kwargs)