Source code for pyticketswitch.trolley

from pyticketswitch.bundle import Bundle
from pyticketswitch.order import Order
from pyticketswitch.mixins import JSONMixin
from pyticketswitch.purchase_result import PurchaseResult

[docs]class Trolley(JSONMixin, object): """Describes a collection of products that are being purchased. Attributes: token (str): a token that represents the current state of the trolley. transaction_uuid (str): unique identifier for this trolley. Only present after reservation. transaction_id (str): unique identifier for this trolley. Only present after purchase. This supposed to be an identifer that is easily readable/recognisable by a human being. bundles (list): list of :class:`Bundles <pyticketswitch.bundle.Bundle>` objects that break down the items to be purchased by their source systems. discarded_orders (list): list of :class:`Orders <pyticketswitch.order.Order>` objects that were in the trolley in the past but have been removed. minutes_left (float): the number of minutes left before a reservation expires. order_count (int): the number of orders in the trolley. purchase_result (:class:`PurchaseResult <pyticketswitch.callout.Callout>`): the result of the purchase attempt when available. input_contained_unavailable_order (bool): indicates that the call used to create or modify this trolley object included at least one order that was not available. """ def __init__(self, token=None, transaction_uuid=None, transaction_id=None, bundles=None, discarded_orders=None, minutes_left=None, order_count=None, purchase_result=None, input_contained_unavailable_order=False): self.token = token self.transaction_uuid = transaction_uuid self.transaction_id = transaction_id self.bundles = bundles self.discarded_orders = discarded_orders self.minutes_left = minutes_left self.order_count = order_count self.purchase_result = purchase_result self.input_contained_unavailable_order = input_contained_unavailable_order
[docs] @classmethod def from_api_data(cls, data): """Creates a new Trolley object from API data from ticketswitch. Args: data (dict): the part of the response from a ticketswitch API call that concerns a trolley. Returns: :class:`Trolley <pyticketswitch.trolley.Trolley>`: a new :class:`Trolley <pyticketswitch.trolley.Trolley>` object populated with the data from the api. """ raw_contents = data.get('trolley_contents', {}) if not raw_contents: raw_contents = data.get('reserved_trolley', {}) if not raw_contents: raw_contents = data.get('trolley_token_contents', {}) raw_bundles = raw_contents.get('bundle', []) bundles = [ Bundle.from_api_data(bundle) for bundle in raw_bundles ] raw_discarded_orders = data.get('discarded_orders', []) discarded_orders = [ Order.from_api_data(order) for order in raw_discarded_orders ] kwargs = { 'token': data.get('trolley_token'), 'bundles': bundles, 'discarded_orders': discarded_orders, 'transaction_uuid': raw_contents.get('transaction_uuid'), 'transaction_id': raw_contents.get('transaction_id'), 'order_count': data.get('trolley_order_count'), 'input_contained_unavailable_order': data.get( 'input_contained_unavailable_order', False), } minutes = data.get('minutes_left_on_reserve') if minutes is not None: kwargs.update(minutes_left=float(minutes)) purchase_result = raw_contents.get('purchase_result') if purchase_result: kwargs.update( purchase_result=PurchaseResult.from_api_data(purchase_result)) return cls(**kwargs)
[docs] def get_events(self): """Get the events in the trolley. Returns: list: list of :class:`Event <pyticketswitch.event.Event>` objects. """ if not self.bundles: return [] return [ event for bundle in self.bundles for event in bundle.get_events() if event and ]
[docs] def get_event_ids(self): """Get the event ids of the events in the trolley. Returns: set: set of events IDs (str). """ return { for event in self.get_events()}
[docs] def get_bundle(self, source_code): """Find a bundle with a specific source code Args: source_code (str): the source code for the target bundle. Returns: :class:`Bundle <pyticketswitch.bundle.Bundle>`: the bundle with the requested source code. When no bundle with that source code is present returns :obj:`None`. """ if not self.bundles: return None for bundle in self.bundles: if bundle.source_code == source_code: return bundle return None
[docs] def get_item(self, item_number): """Find an order with the given item number Args: item_number (int): the item number of the target order Returns: :class:`Order <pyticketswitch.order.order>`: the order with the specified """ if not self.bundles: return None for order in self.get_orders(): if order.item == item_number: return order return None
[docs] def get_orders(self): """Get all orders in all bundles in a trolley Returns: list: orders from all bundles in the the trolley """ if not self.bundles: return [] return [ order for bundle in self.bundles if bundle.orders for order in bundle.orders ]
def __repr__(self): if self.transaction_id: return u'<Trolley id:{}>'.format(self.transaction_id) if self.transaction_uuid: return u'<Trolley uuid:{}>'.format(self.transaction_uuid) if self.token: return u'<Trolley token:{}>'.format(self.token) return super(Trolley, self).__repr__()